Seven Deadly Sins of public transport

please read the ads in the background please

finally someone has lust be the person lusting, not the one being lusted after.

Twirque de soleil

this should be printed out on public transport everywhere

I can confirm all of these as being true 

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Oh my god. This kitten is named LeVar Purrton.


Oh my god. This kitten is named LeVar Purrton.

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So when Anita Sarkeesian tweeted that “gamergate is the new name for a group that has been harassing me for 2 years,” she was factually correct. Many of the most consistent users of #GamerGate are inextricably linked to harassment of Ms. Sarkeesian and other women. I’ve just shown you 20 of them, all of whom are happily welcomed into the GamerGate movement and not censured in any way for their actions. I’m sure this list will grow as more people share their experiences.

These people have spent the last two years harassing and demeaning women in and out of the games industry. You know what they haven’t spent the last two years doing? Talking about ethics in journalism.

There may be ethical, honest people involved in #GamerGate. But a few good apples won’t magically make a rotten barrel edible. And #GamerGate is rotten to the core.

The Bad Apples Of #GamerGate — Medium

Unsurprisingly, it’s not just sexism. It’s racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and ableism too.

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You can’t pick and choose what parts of feminism you want. You can’t support your queer sisters but not your trans sisters. You can’t support your fat sisters but not your sisters of colour. Being a feminist means creating a positive and equal space for women. The second you start excluding women based on which characteristics you do or do not find appealing you have defeated the whole point of being a feminist.

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oh, you’re excited about avengers: age of ultron? me too! the way the avengers just [clenches fist] age all that ultron……….

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*Unarmed Black person gets killed by police*
“It’s not about race they had to have done something to deserve it.”

*Black person gets a job or goes to a college*
“This is obviously about race there is nothing they could have done to deserve it.”

Bro it’s is the truth.

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my hands can’t even open water bottles

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if you had to drop out of a class you are not a failure

if you had to take time off school you are not a failure

if you had to leave school for good you are not a failure

your worth is not determined by academia and this goes doubly so for disabled people and others for whom school is set against them

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i can’t even choose the best one

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A weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power.

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the scene, the exact moment I think about when I need to remember that Steve Rogers feels fear. he just… responds to it differently than most people.

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"τέτλαθι δή, κραδίη: καὶ κύντερον ἄλλο ποτ᾽ ἔτλης."
                                                           —The Odyssey, 20:18

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welp my hand hurts now


welp my hand hurts now

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The picture is real, but apparently not a deliberate dick. 

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