"but you’re way too ______ to be nonbinary" first rule of nonbinary club is we don’t dictate what’s nonbinary. second rule of nonbinary club is WE DO NOT. DICTATE. WHAT. IS. NONBINARY.

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My favorite Disney princess is Elizabeth Swann because rather than becoming a princess, she was like “nah, fuck that” and became a king instead.





a fucking pirate king at that

And it’s awesome because she started as this fucking proper Lady who was expected to marry a wealthy and accomplished, but one she did not love, but instead fell for the blacksmith and became a pirate, fucking shit up and taking names.

And she rocked every fucking second of her story, from Lady to Pirate King.

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a day of broken bones…

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The Winter Soldier isn’t empty. His mind is all over the place.

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Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel #07

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"…that don’t look like me, punk."
”!? ‘Course it don’t, as if I’d ever draw you!”
"Well, he’s a looker, I’ll give ‘im that. Smart chin. Who’s he?"
"Shut up.”  

Just… stop trying, Steve. Ssshh. Get kissed. Sit down. 

(Stucky ☆★ Palette #2 for memoryrecovery

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if you think i’m over Pacific Rim ur wrong

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just spoiling your favourite TV show

For moranmoriarty

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hufflepuff + house traits

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Clinging haphazardly to the jagged sides of the Drakensberg escarpment, the South African Institute for Witches and Wizards is an impressive conglomeration of architectural wonder and eccentric contraptions that keep the sprawling institute welded to the steep slopes of the mountains. Many say roaming the institute is an arduous test of one’s stamina as the primarily vertical layout of the institute relies on a plethora of stairs to navigate (luckily it has gotten better after the restriction on the indoor use of broomsticks was lifted). Over centuries, many pockets of shallow caves have been dug out and furnished by students who like to spend their free time observing the vast landscape before them from high up in the mountainside. The student population supplies much of the profits for Mava’s Zoomtastic Glasses, which is a popular accessory for observing the abundance of wildlife that roam the lands.
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Drawn in Photoshop



Drawn in Photoshop

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Imagine that, after seeing them both struggling in silence, Natasha gets Bucky and Clint together for a private post-brainwashing support group. Neither knows what to say at first, but once they get talking, they find that even though their experiences were very different, they have many of the same fears, guilt, and anxieties, and it helps them both to have someone to talk to who understands.


Bucky’s voice is soft, a gentle patter of rain on wet earth. “Sometimes,” he says, “I feel like it’s still happening. Like someone’s got my head wedged open and they’re cramming in new kill orders but…it’s just me. Every single time it’s just my own damn voice in the back of my head, telling me the same sick shit they always used to.”

"Here’s what gets me," says Clint, with a rueful smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. "All the things I did for Loki, I’d have done the same for SHIELD if they told me to. Orders are orders, right? It’s never been my job to think about the big stuff like is this wrong, is there a better way - I’m just the guy who pulls the trigger."

There are some things they can’t talk about with the others. Things that go so much deeper than you don’t need to apologise and it wasn’t your fault and all you can do is forgive yourself. Hearing their own fucked-up stories echo from each other’s mouths…doesn’t heal, exactly. But it helps.

"I think we’re more than that, though," says Bucky, and Clint’s gut clenches painfully as he nods his assent. In some ways, it’s a breakthrough.

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Headcanon: Steve likes to wake up really early in the morning, which annoys the hell out of Bucky. So Bucky starts getting up an hour earlier than Steve and making a ruckus, getting breakfast ready and whistling obnoxiously, to show Steve how it feels. But it backfires- steve doesn't mind at all, and he's actually happy that Bucky's "become a morning person." Steve gets up even earlier, and Bucky retaliates, and it keeps going until the two don't even bother sleeping, instead just /waiting./


Hahahaha oh my god YES! Those two are both so stubborn too! I could totally see it happening! 

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